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Brickhill Lower School

  Category Lower school
  Telephone 0(01234) 401404
  Address Dove Road, Bedford, MK41 7AA
  Town Bedfordshire
  Website www.brickhilllowerschool.co.uk
  Email office@brickhilllowerschool.co.uk
  Autumn term dates
  Spring term dates
  Summer term dates

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Brickhill Lower School
Dove Road, Bedford, MK41 7AA
Tel: (01234) 401404  Fax: (01234) 401405
e-mail: office@brickhilllowerschool.co.uk
website: www.brickhilllowerschool.co.uk

We welcome you to Brickhill Primary School website. Through this website we aim to bring together an informative account of what we stand for and what we provide; our policies, our routines and our procedures. Whether you are reading this as a parent of an existing pupil or as a prospective one, as an old friend of the school or as a friend to be, we hope you find it useful.