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Harrold Lower School

  Category Lower school
  Telephone 0(01234) 720312
  Address The Green, Harrold, Bedford, MK43 7DB
  Town Bedfordshire
  Website www.harroldlowerschool.co.uk
  Email office@harroldlowerschool.co.uk
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Harrold Lower School
The Green, Harrold, Bedford, MK43 7DB
Tel: (01234) 720312  Fax: (01234) 720312
e-mail: office@harroldlowerschool.co.uk
website: www.harroldlowerschool.co.uk

Having almost an equal mix of male and female pupils, they have 49.6% girls and 50.4% boys. Absence management in partnership with parents is encouraged by both schools and government at local and national level. The 96.9% attendance rate of the school, which is extremely high, and above average for the country. Having only 6.4 members of staff makes it have a far lower number of staff than most other schools in the area. Having a 19:1 teacher/pupil ratio, it is slightly less than average, which permits the teachers at the Harrold Lower School to spend a little more time with their pupils. This School provides an average full time teacher`s salary of £37151, a high figure for the UK. The school has 100% of pupils speaking English as a 1st language, which exceeds the countrywide average.