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Lower schools in Bedford and Bedfordshire |
Tuesday 5th December 2023 08:52:23 PM


Priory Lower School

  Category Lower school
  Telephone 01234261768
  Address Greyfriars, Bedford, MK40 1JD
  Town Bedfordshire
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Priory Lower School
Greyfriars, Bedford, MK40 1JD
Tel: (01234) 261768  Fax: (01234) 351415

The school is an equally mixed school, with a balanced number of male and female pupils. Pupils with good attendance records at school are more likely to go 

on to succeed academically. A low 95.5% attendance rate for the school is below average for the country. 7.3 members of staff leaves Priory Lower School below 

average in staffing numbers. This School has a 21:1 teacher/pupil ratio, which is certainly high nationally, and means that means that class sizes are very high. 

The teachers of the school are paid a figure of £35814, which is a typical rate for the United Kingdom. They have an extremely small number of pupils who 

speak English as their 1st language, with only 10.8% of them doing so.