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Westfield School

  Category Lower school
  Telephone 01234267353
  Address Chester Road, Bedford MK40 4HW
  Town Bedfordshire
  Website www.westfieldschool.net
  Email office@westfieldschool.net
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Westfield School
Chester Road, Bedford MK40 4HW
Head: Mrs K Watts
Tel: (01234) 267353  Fax: (01234) 347907
e-mail: office@westfieldschool.net
website: www.westfieldschool.net

At Westfield School we believe in ‘achievement for all’ and our priority is to give our pupils the very best start on their education journeys enabling them to thrive and develop in an atmosphere that is caring, challenging, inclusive and international.
We provide a high quality education that offers excellent teaching, opportunities and facilities across a varied curriculum that is rigorous but fun.