Tuesday 20th April 2021 12:37:14 AM


Tumble Tots Bedford

  Category Fitness
  Timings n/a
  Class Fee n/a
  Location Tavistock Community Centre, Princes Street, Bedford, MK40 2SX
  Town Bedford
  Telephone 07469 638966
  Email chloe.crowther@tumbletots.com

About This Post

Tumble Tots, Britain's leading physical play programme for children, has been the springboard to developing children's skills for life for more than quarter of a century. The Springboard to confidence for your child. 

Children have an enormous amount of natural energy and with proper help and guidance it can be channelled in the right direction. If we can start children on a healthy way of life early on then it will become a habit for the rest of their lives.

Tumble Tots believes that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joys of growing up, the challenges of developing new skills and the satisfaction of success. We are totally committed to building a healthier future.